Natalie Terezi Rei Watts is a plural nb transfem author of new weird and queer fiction. Its works regularly encompass topics of eldritch horror, transness, the inevitable collapse of late-stage capitalism, and neurodivergence. When not writing xe either dissociates herselves in a hyperpop haze or duels xyr psyche in thought-to-thought combat for complete control over the neuroses. Draws whenever she can vanquish xyr executive dysfunction. Active as NatVoltaic on most platforms. Non-human lesbian communist. Immaterial.

Pronouns are it/its, xe/xyr, she/herselves.

Web Fiction

The SCP Foundation (2016-2020) writer, project organizer, project director, graphic design
Ascension Bends (2019)


NOUMENAUT. (@[email protected]) (2020- ) formerly hosted on twitter @antinootropic
pseudoArchitect (@PlanarRepair) (2019)


Gender Lab Escape Simulator 2030 (2020)

Fanfiction Miscellanea

How long until I have to bury you by myself? (18+) (2020)
Mind Over Mind Over Matter (2020)


DeviantArt (2019- )

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